TeamFurniture designs furniture but also creates Revit families.


We develop all kind of Revit families, from annotation elements and title blocks to furniture, focusing our work mainly on these ones. Revit families are necessary to develop a project in this BIM program, and by providing these files, the product’s use increases, the documentation of projects is easier and many advantages benefit both to the user and the manufacturer. BIM models contain information of its elements and Revit families do the same, containing in a single 3D model information about cost, manufacturer or materials, among many others. Furthermore, this information is helpful when creating schedules with element counting or costs, enabling a simpler and more correct project management.


- Furniture design

- Revit families creation

- Furniture modelling for 3D and render





- Information


- Contain information

- Introduce inmediately products of a particular manufacturer in a a project and its views

- Reduce working time

- Increase potential clients

- Are parametric and adaptable to each project

- Can have different level of detail

- Valid for rendering

- Enable an easier element counting

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