In TeamRetail we focus on retail spaces, designing places that reflect your ideas and your business spirit.


But we also provide specialized remote architectural support to professionals, offering the development of a complete project or a part of it. Our team of architects merges with the client’s team, becoming an extension of it, always meeting deadlines and quality standards. The client will have a bigger or smaller team, depending on the workload of each moment.


 SERVICES benefits of remote support

- Retail design

- Window display design

- Exhibition stand design

- Architectural surveys

- Architectural support

- Revit family creation

- Schedules

- As-Built Models

- Reduce fixed costs

- Reduce overhead costs

- Focus on design, not on developement

- Know the project costs

- Increase ability to meet project deadlines

- Increase project profitability

- Increase productivity

- Handle more projects

- Increase or reduce the project team in a fast way depending on the workload

- Access to a pool of experts

- Reduce staff training time and costs

remote support process

Quote approval

Sending of information

TeamExtension's working period

Check and modification


Work starts

Project delivery

Project deadline

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